Unicum Hookahs withFrom a Russian Restaurant / Hookah lounge: http://k-smoke.ru/gallery.html Ice <-- more modern options

Unicum Hookahs withFrom a Russian Restaurant / Hookah lounge…

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Hooka lounge display. For a true "Alice" feel, make it in shades of blue in honor of that silly caterpillar, Absalom <3

Love this hookah loungy space, what beautiful colors fuschia and tangerine are so gorgeous together!

i don't even like hooka, but all of my friends do, and i like this hooka... thing. haha.

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Christmas Ornament Lantern. Just put ball ornaments and a string of battery operated christmas lights in a lantern, now you have this stunning and unique lantern to light up your way during this holiday nignt!

35+ Beautiful Christmas Lighting Decoration Ideas