Hobbit themed birthday cake - Imgur

Hobbit themed birthday cake

Hobbit Hole Cake

Sprinkle Bakes

This is literally food for my baby. This was made by Heather the amazing Sprinklebake lady for Scarlett& birthday. Check out her website and book!

Catcakes - Cupcakes, tartas y demás dulces  The Hobbit cake

Catcakes - Cupcakes, tartas y demás dulces The Hobbit cake. One day I'll be that talented

Hobbit Cake - This actually looks do-able!<----Hobbit Hole Cake: Very appropriate for Second Breakfast!

Over The Apple Tree: Hobbit Hole Birthday Cake. This better be my birthday cake in September

Hobbit Cake. This gorgeous Hobbit Cake was made by the amazing Pink Cake Box.  This may be the prettiest hobbit hole I’ve seen.  It is so adorable, I’m ready to move in.

Gorgeous Hobbit Hole Cake

This amazing Hobbit hole cake was made by the people over at Denville, NJ-based bakery Pink Cake Box. I don’t think I could get myself to eat something that beautiful.

Smaug, the Hobbit, cake

One of my favorite cakes - Smaug with the arkenstone on a pile of gold. The only non edible parts are the stone and the wire edges to his wings.

The One Ring - Lord of the Rings | 27 Delectable Geeky Cakes Almost Too Pretty To Eat

The One Ring - Lord of the Rings

This cool Lord of the Rings Cake was made by the Cake Whisperer. This awesome cake features the one ring and has the Elven inscription.

Sweetie Petitti: Hobbit Cookies

Sweetie Petitti: Hobbit Cookies - she even has Gandalf's mark on the door. Love it!