It;s called Territorial

I'm not the jealous type, but what's mine is mine. End of story That's about right I'm his and his mine end of story You miss what's mine then got another thing coming.

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Bitch hes mine! sorry your not happy with your sorry sad your marriage is based on two stuckup self centered selfish people.get help bitch!

Don't even think about it  ..Listen Up Jezebel..

Its true. You do your compliments through me and me only. DO NOT hit on My Man or I will totally fuck you up.

Well I found him but sadly he's lost. He is with another girl just for popularity. And isn't with me because his friends get jealous and tease him about it so we've never been together. Even though he tells me pretty much everything, we've been there for each other, he gave me a necklace to match his for Christmas and at the beginning of this month we had sex for the 1st time. He's in quite a situation. And the only reason he did it is bc his girlfriend lives across the world. Honestly I…

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Yeah, don't call me hot. I'm not a pair of tits and a vagina on legs. I am a woman. Hot is not respectful.

Calling me cute is nice. Calling me hit is great. But calling me yours is all I want.