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Create a Healing Garden and Grow Your Own Medicinal Plants - Organic Gardening

How to Make an Herbal Knot Garden : How-To : DIY Network

How to Make an Herbal Knot Garden

This design includes herbs you would typically find in an herb garden as well as nontraditional ones from various cultures.

The Herb Garden Redefined - Fine Gardening Article How to plant a circular herb garden-detailed!

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Start Your Own Herb Garden

Having vegetable garden is no longer a laborious and expensive dream. With these vegetable garden design ideas, you can get fresh harvests wherever you live.

Best 20 Vegetable Garden Design Ideas for Green Living

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Looks like a manageable knot garden, but be aware this is a very low-water garden.  If you give anything more than drought-tolerant levels of water, that Rosemary and Licorice plant are quickly going to grow out of control.  You can see the whole project (and plant list) when you click down.

How to Make an Herbal Knot Garden

You can add pizzazz to any patch of earth by planting a garden of assorted herbs: Blooming herbs not only look wonderful, they also smell terrific. And of course, they can really make your meals come alive.

herb garden landscape plan. i think i have the perfect spot. now do i have enough sun?

An Herb Garden Plan

Good Mix of Culinary and Ornamental. HGTV Gardens offers ideas for integrating herbs and other plants to create a multi-season herb garden.