Imágenes Psicodelicas [Muy Buenas]

Imágenes Psicodelicas [Muy Buenas]

There was a boat that sailed off at sea today, it was a one sided love fresh from a human heart—and it sails on even now, across an ocean of tears and unsaid words—towards heartbreak, the island of shattered dreams and dashed hopes; folklore says that sweet, sweet, isolation and solitude forever true make their home there.

There was a boat that sailed off at sea today, it was a one sided love fresh from a human heart—and it sails across an ocean of tears and unsaid words.

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Heart Human Anatomy Butterfly Anatomical Heart Print on Vintage Dictionary Page, Anatomy Heart Wall Decor, Heart Poster Anniversary Gift 467

Paper Rose Heart 3D Paper Art Customize with your by PaperLine

Paper Rose Heart, Paper Art, Customize with your color theme, add personalization - perfect for your first year anniversary PAPER :-)

personalised ruby anniversary heart artwork by sweet dimple |

Personalised Ruby Anniversary Heart Art

DIY The Easiest Lopsided Heart Artwork

DIY The Easiest Lopsided Heart Artwork

The COLORS of LOVE Textile Art Quilting Art by BozenaWojtaszek, $100.00

Original Textile Art Red Hearts Modern Quilting by BozenaWojtaszek Could do a memory heart quilt with repurposed clothing fabric

Foto de arte de angel limitada Ángel moderno pintura

Limited angel art photo "way in your heart", modern angel painting, artwork…

☆ Unicorn Heart :¦: Artist Anne Stokes ☆

Art by Anne Stokes (Ironshod) Unicorn Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Licorne Enchantment Einhorn unicorno unicornio Единорог jednorožec Eenhoorn yksisarvinen jednorożca unicórnio Egyszarvú Kirin

Since the earliest days of her artistic career, Michigan artist Anne Mondro has been captivated by human anatomy, creating her own interpretations of internal organs and body forms through crocheted sculptures. Working with thin steel and copper wire, she spends hundreds of hours on a single artwork

Anne Mondro: Artist in Residence at the Icelandic Textile Center- During her residency, she will be working on a crocheted wire sculpture to reflect on the strengths and challenges of relationships during times of illness and disease.