Balloon tree by Mariëlle Coppes from Magical Daydream at Eindhoven Central Station in The Netherlands | I created a balloon tree with the help of an aerial platform, 25 volunteers and 6000 balloons. The tree is a colourful street art installation that makes people smile, and the many balloons remind of the movie 'Up' by Pixar. Click to see many more happy pictures of the street art project.

Balloon tree

I created a balloon tree with the help of an aerial platform, 25 volunteers and 6000 balloons at Eindhoven Central Station. And another balloon tree.

Pretty sure that's what I'd look like if I got to sit next to a penguin.

Pictures of the Cutest Kids Ever. Add Yours!

Happiest pic ever by Earth_Pics ||

25 Photos Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Look at this elephant taking a shower. Now look at your life. Now back at the elephant. And back at your life. Cry a little because you're not as happy as this shower-taking elephant.

Don't these little rascals look happy. Sends happiness right through me just lookin' at this photo... Don't be afraid to get close to nature!

pure joy and happiness. Looks like if children in the depressing slums of Manila can still play and smile and laugh. Be HAPPY !


16 Swedish Baby Names That Are the Absolute Cutest

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Dance in the rain. Any rainy day just dance through it it will pass. Like a cloud full of rain. U'll look behind and its over but your rhythm is always there. Keep dancing

Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time - 40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken - BuzzFeed

40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

Oh this melts my heart! So much love, emotion, & happiness in one picture! This truly captured this mothers love for her daughter. So precious! This is why I love photography & candid moments!

Audrey jumped. | 35 Magical Moments Captured With A Camera

35 Magical Moments Captured With A Camera

mysleepykisser-with-feelings-hid: “ When he says ‘jump’…. Phillippe Halsman had 101 Life covers to his credit when he died in 1979 by his greatest passion has been to photograph jumping people. In he published Philippe Halsman’s Jump Book.

Isn't that the truth?!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Happiness Quotes 6

It makes me laugh when cruel awful people preach about life changes. Are the meanest and most cruel person I've EVER encountered.

Laughter is the best kind of medicine, i try to remember that every day. I love making people smile. I feel like its my job! :)

I love people who make me laugh. I want to spend my life with people who make me happy and not people I have to impress. Laughter is the best medicine and I love the people in my life that can bring a smile to my face on a moments notice.

Scout and Leon when they were little

Are You Really A Nice Person?

The good old times of childhood :) when parents would actually let their kids spray each other with the garden hose. I'm glad my mom let us have water fights :) we used ice cream buckets AND the garden hose.

Morning right when the sun begins to rise, and then evening right as it sets and late into the night...

Soul-Pondering Saturdays: Self-worth

Lets get a cabin in the woods and wake up early to see the beautiful morning and drink coffee while listening to the birds! and then get ready to start our adventure!

My fellow directioners, here is a happy otter for you board. One day, you will be as happy as this otter..look at that cute smile c:

Happy otter is happy

Here is a happy otter for you board. One day, you will be as happy as this otter.look at that cute smile c:

Absolutely love this photo. Anyone know who to credit?

20 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Happy

This one of my favorite pictures - a Mongolian girl and her camel laughing together. Her camel is a Bactrian camel. The Bactrian camel has.