You are a Beautiful Person - Flower Happy Birthday Wishes Card: The sentiment of this birthday greeting card is made even more special by the soft, delicate floral details that surround it. Its message is simple but impactful; a reminder to someone you love-whether a dear friend, relative or significant other-that their beauty is something to be celebrated and cherished each and every day, but especially on their birthday.

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I love Saturdays at home....

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Todo cabe en una cajita sabiéndolo acomodar, hasta tu corazón lleno de amor.

21 Formas de meter tu amor en una pequeña cajita

Rosamaria G Frangini :: Cards For Special Days:: Sending Out Some Tuesday Love

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Snoopy y Woodstock son los mejores amigos♪ ¡Y ahora están juntos en stickers! Además, llegaron con los hermanos de Snoopy y más de sus amigos★ Tiernos y cómicos a morir, ¡no te los puedes perder!

Best friends Snoopy and Woodstock now have their own set of stickers! Be part of their happy days, along with the whole Snoopy family and friends! These cute and whimsical stickers are the perfect conversation piece!

Have A Happy Day Full Of Coffee And Smiles

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