This idea's a little high-concept, but can help fill any closet efficiently. The differing heights separate clothes by type, and ensure longer items won't drag on the floor. Get the tutorial at The Design Confidential »   -

10 Tricks That Squeeze Every Inch Out of a Small Closet

Simplified and Streamlined Closet for Easy DIY from The Design Confidential for Sleek Hanging Closet Rods

What a cool way to use vertical space! Hanging closet storage crates

Use that vertical space by making these super simple Hanging Closet Storage Crates with rope! Plenty of storage in less than an hour of work!

15 Stylish Garment and Coat Racks

15 Stylish Garment and Coat Racks (Making it Lovely)

Oh, the multitude of racks I have looked at! Here’s what happened. The bedroom closet had an Intermetro rolling garment rack setup for double hanging when we moved in. It wa

Add a small mirror

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