parents handwriting on wrists

My parents letter salutations written in their handwriting on my wrists.They have made me who I am, literally and figuratively, and I miss them more and more as I get older and farther away. Its a little piece of them thats with me all the time.

parents signatures as tattoo AWESOME

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Top 15 Mom Dad Tattoo Designs -my first tattoo is most likely going to be "I love you" in my dad's handwriting.

Tattoos I got in honor of my parents, its in their actual handwriting

Tattoos I got in honor of my parents, its in their actual handwriting. I really hope to get this for my birthday. So no matter how far they are, they're right there with me ❤

tattoo of childs name in child's handwriting...swooon!  I already have my daughter's written out from when she was 5 - now I just need the money to add it to my wrist.

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This mom froze time on her wrist, capturing her children's handwriting. I really want to do this someday! Sooooo yea, I think I found what I want to do with my kids' names!

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11 Meaningful Tattoos That Will Definitely Make You Rethink Everything

Dad passed away in got a note he wrote in my grade yearbook as a reminder (Brian Manos of Tymeless Tattoo in Baldwinsville, NY)

Cute, different flowers for different quotes or names of people would be good. Daisy Flower & Quote Tattoo

Daisy Flower & Quote Tattoo: Something similar with a sunflower and "you are my sunshine" lyrics, perhaps?

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Love this Idea. I have 2 different persons handwriting. Mother, daughter would be nice-Get "I love you" tattooed in each other's writing - Father daughter tattoos

New tattoo in my grandmother’s handwriting. You are art, don’t ever let someone tell you different. Art is beauty.

artwork for the body // tattoo // ink // art // design // skin // line // minimal // simple

Being close to your mum is the most amazing relationship you can ever have and wish for.  Mother… the most important woman in every daughter’s life.  There’s always a special bond between a mother and a daughter.  Every daughter and mother can confirm this statement.  The bond is strong and special because a woman understands …

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Mother daughter tattoos are extremely popular. Here are 29 ideas for matching tattoos moms and daughters can get done to celebrate their love.