I did a Wall Of Bats the past few years and I loved them so much I decided to do them again this year! Only this year, I got to use my silhouette cameo!

TitiCrafty by Camila: 30 Spider and Bats Halloween Decoration. The Weekly Round Up. Great idea for the wall next to our apartment door!

pinterest window displays | Eye Catching Halloween Displays for any retail store | The Mannequin ...

Eye Catching Halloween Displays for any retail store -

If I can find mannequin legs, I'm making this witchy Halloween display for my front porch. I have the legs yeah a

Indoor Wall Decorating Kit with Bats, Tree, Owl, Jack-o-Lanterns, graves, moon, crows, mice and spiders #halloween #decor

Our Family Friendly Halloween Wall Scene Set features the look of a black creepy tree with the full moon behind it with black flying bat accents.

Visit this site!  My pink flamingos will definitely be getting in the Halloween spirit dressed as vultures.

DIY Halloween Spooky Directional Signs ~ Could easily make these using picket fences and also put the miles from where you live to where they are.

I could easily envision small jars of these sitting around a 'Mad Dentists' Halloween display...

Stephanie Brouwers, polymer clay teeth, Maybe make fangs or vampire teeth out of clay and put in jar. Love the idea

Hilarious Skeleton Yard Displays for Halloween

Hilarious Skeleton Decorations For Your Yard on Halloween

SKELETON CAMPFIRE Originally Posted by lewlew Their not modified as much as posed. PVC for the joints and a little elongation. Flourescent orange paint for some eyesocket highlights.

This would be cute on your porch mom @Lealeth Miller  crafts-n-things-spooky-directional-sign

DIY Tutorial: DIY Halloween / DIY Spooky Directional Sign Something like this for the house, but with signs like "The Crypt" pointing towards the bedroom and "The Laboratory" pointing towards the kitchen, etc.