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An Ode To Halle Berry's Pixie

Halle Berry looked gorgeous as ever when she arrived on the red carpet at the event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills Thursday.

If i gotta go straight, it needs to look like this!  THAT HAIR!  I LOVE IT!  Halle Berry My all time fav!

Are you thinking of getting the chop and going for a pixie haircut? They're one of the most fashionable hairstyles at the moment and rightly so, they look fab!

An Ode To Halle Berrys Pixie

An Ode To Halle Berry's Pixie

We're just going to come right out and say it: Halle Berry's pixie cut is THE best in Hollywood. Even though the Oscar-winning actress has experimented with different hairstyles and hair lengths over.

Halle Berry: again, so neutral that in this pic she shows up cool because the ambient lighting is  blue.  I can't decide on clarity.

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