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Check out our beginner tutorial videos explaining how to curl hair with flat iron using TYME Iron effortlessly and quickly.

10 Pro Tools Hairstylists Swear By   A Curling-Iron Arsenal“Most women have one curling iron, and that’s why they’re getting just one style of curl at home,” says Fugate. “If you’re trying to figure out why you can't get those loose, tousled waves and you’re still getting prom curls — it’s because you have to get that little clip-less wand!""If you don’t want to buy nine curling irons, the T3 Whirl has in...

10 Pro Hair Tools You Actually Need

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This incredible custom drawer for corralling hot hair tools.

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I love curling my hair, and my tool of choice is a curling wand. To me, curling wands are incredibly easy to use and give me awesome curls or waves whenever I need them. I’m obsessed with my wand and I bring it literally everywhere with me. But when it comes to curling irons, forget … Read More

18 Curling Iron Tricks And Tips That Will Give You Easy Curls

Curling your hair with a hot tool can be difficult. Here are 18 curling iron and wand tips and tricks for easy curls that will help you get ready.

Curling Iron Curl Sizes. Perfect for learning how to achieve your dream curls.

curling iron curl sizes

A guide to summer curls: which curling irons match which curls. Whether you're after shirley ringlets or big waves, this is the perfect guide to buying your curling iron.

The Wow Factor: 18 Hair Must-Haves | Best Updo Assistant: Ricky Care Magnetic pin bracelet, $15;

The Wow Factor: 18 Hair Must-Haves

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The first time I used a flat iron, I was eleven years old at my best girlfriend’s house, and wholeheartedly astonished that this seemingly simple tool could give me the same hairdo as Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap.

Fashion Magic Hair Braiding Fish Bond Waves Braider Tool Roller With Hair Twist Styling Bun Maker

Cheap braid tool, Buy Quality hair braiding tools directly from China french hair braiding tool Suppliers: Fashion Lady French Magic Hair Braiding Fish Bond Waves Braider Tool Roller With Hair Twist Styling Bun Maker

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