I can't wait to share my new character drawing class with you all! It's nearly an hour of content for drawing cute female characters. So excited )  Here is a hair reference from class. It will...

Join in my female character drawing class! I'd love to see you there Design a Female Character: Sketching Portraits with Pencils Character Hair Reference Sheet

I know that I said that I won't be pinning until tomorrow but I'm just going to pin drawing because im drawing some stuff :)

How to draw hair styles! If only my own hair looked that nice.

Sketch Hair Reference by Pammella on DeviantArt

Sketch Hair Reference by Pammella on DeviantArt-use 34 for Dream witch (pushed behind shoulders)

cuando ya gallais adquirido algo de esperiencia seguro que podreis practicar con estos peinados

I can´t draw hair for my life xD

Anne | ♀ | ♌ I'm an artist that acts as Tsundere Queen. I enjoy cute and pastel…

Anne ♌ I'm an artist that acts as Tsundere Queen.

After sketching that sheet of Male Poses I decided to sketch out some of my male oc's hairstyles. Yes, that's not even all of them I may do a sheet for the girls sometime too. Maybe. If I'm no too ...

Anime hair styles for anime drawing

Hair drawing // okay but my messy bun will never be this perfect

Get Makeup Out of Anything

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Incredible texture portrayed in this sketch. So gorgeous. I'm in love with the waves.                                                                                                                                                      More

20 Of The Best Hair Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)

Love different hairstyles for long hair? wanna give your hair a new look ? different hairstyles for long hair is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy different hairstyles for long hair, Find the best one for you,

Lots of cute hair drawings Repin & like. Listen to #NoelitoFlow http://www.twitter.com/noelitoflow http://www.instagram.com/rockstarking http://www.facebook.com/thisisflow

drawing braided hair/hairstyles // Art Qualifications From HOME IGCSE, BTEC, A Level, Foundation Diploma Apply now!


I know how to draw a Brad if you want me to post a pic of mine comment down below and this is Brooklynn(Drawing Step Doodles)

•°•✧ Pinterest - @ Tanyacrumlishx•°•✧

•°•✧ Pinterest - @ Tanyacrumlishx•°•✧

Hair drawing

This is one of those drawings I could& continued drawing forever! There is always some small detail to fix, no matter what. Drawing hair is like .

Hair Drawing Techniques - Bing 이미지

Some tips for drawing realistic hair :D

Szeretnél ilyen profin rajzolni? Jelentkezz a tanfolyamunkra! #valdorart Akkor ValdorArt! http://www.valdorart.hu/

how to draw - hair the Hungarian way - valdorart Akkor

How I draw long hair by Nike-93.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

How I draw long hair by NikeMV on DeviantArt

gorgeous hair studies are mixed media drawings on canvas by New York based artist Brittany Schall

I can’t even make my real hair look like this, let alone draw hair that looks likethis! Upswept, long n’ flowing, twists & braids…. these gorgeous hair studies are mixed media drawings on canvas by New York based artist Brittany Schall