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Hair Knots How-To Guide For Styling Summer 2013

The Knotty Pony: Part your hair down the middle and divide into two sections. Tie the two sections in a knot. Then tie the ends together into another knot and combine the two ends and secure the knot with bobby pins at the nape of the neck.

The best half top knot ideas for short or long hair. Easily update your look for the office or a night out with these 6 inspiring half top knots.

half top knot ideas

How To Keep Long Hair In Tip Top Condition. The long hair style is hot, which is why lots of women choose to use prolonged, free-flowing hairs rather than the popular short styles of the day.

Hair Inspiration: Polished Low Bun And A V-Back Sweater

Hair Inspiration: Polished Low Bun And A V-Back Sweater (Le Fashion)

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Half-up Knot Hairstyle - My first Pictorial

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This is how I put my hair up almost daily LOL! Really is super easy & instead of using pins, just use a chopstick or pencil! -Super Easy Knotted Bun Updo and Simple Bun Hairstyle Tutorials

Separate the hair into two sections. Tie hair in a knot.Repeat once or twice (it’s all up to you!). Pin it in place and you’re done! Cute and easy!

Knotty Girl Ponytail // Part hair down the middle & divide into 2 sections. Tie 2 sections in a knot. Tie ends together into another knot. Combine ends and secure the knot with bobby pins at the nape of the neck.

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Our low rolled updo is perfect for the office, first dates & hanging out! Find out how to get a beautiful low rolled updo in this easy hair tutorial.

Knot Bun Hair Tutorial

Knot Bun // Hair Tutorial

Alex's favorite easy hairstyles for working out that are designed to go beyond the gym and help you feel your best before, after, and during your workout!

Boho Top Knot Hair Tutorial

Boho Top Knot Hair Tutorial (Kassinka)

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