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For bigger gains isolation exercises are recommended alongside compound exercises. Here are some of the best exercises to target each muscle group.

gym motivation quotes. I was just shy and quiet and didn't let guys try to have their way with me, but this is funny.

The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser

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Workout Motivation: I have goals.  Boom! Ill never be skinny though... Ill just be fit Im completely fine with that.

I have goals, damnit!

Workout Motivation: I have goals, damnit! I'll never be skinny; I'll just be fit & I'm completely fine with that.

Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit! Workout motivation! Check out for the latest news on my upcoming challenge groups! Personal support and amazing benefits you cant get from a gym membership!

I have goals, damnit!

goldfishkiss: “ I must confess. My motivation to workout is at an all time low lately. I blame my energy level and aches and pains. But you know what the one thing is that’s helping me feel amazing,.

If this isn't the truth. 3 months have passed and I am truly thanking myself and my God for helping me persevere.

Greatist - Bad At Yoga

Need to keep this in mind-- 3 months will go by either way, so might as well work hard, eat healthy, and exercise. Thank god times flies these days. Come on 3 months.

And I did... Back to that 4am grind

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20 Tricks to Get Flat Abs Faster

50 reasons to exercise. So the next time you make an excuse for why you aren't moving - there will be 50 reasons you can give yourself for why you SHOULD!

"My motivation to get fit: I refuse to be anyone's fat ex girlfriend."

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