Homemade yarn cake balls for Grumpy Cat. Be on the lookout for the tutorial next week! #1MMGrumpyFrowns | CatchMyParty.com

What to Feed the Cat Who Hates Everything!

Homemade yarn cake balls for Grumpy Cat. Pinner wrote, "Be on the lookout for…

How To Make A Grumpy Cat Cake

Learn how to make your very own grumpy cat cake. He might not be the best party guest but I'd still want him at my birthday party.

Grumpy Cat Birthday Cake! I want this!

Happy birthday You may be all big and strong now and think you're not my baby brother anymore but NO. Chocolate Cake by my common-law wife cookie ears and heart the color of my soul by tinykitchentreats

Grumpy cat cake love love love lololll

Well then, no cake for you, Grumpy Cat! This cake makes me chuckle every time. This poor misunderstood kitty is really just a big f.