The daily text was so good today! No matter what trials we might come against always take comfort in the blessings of Jehovah and his love for us❤️

10 Benefits to a Gratitude Journal

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Sometimes when you want more and you're looking at everyone above you it's easy to become ungrateful. Sometimes I just don't want to be grateful. I want to do more, have more and live more. But I'm always convicted in those moments. What if you had nowhere to stay? What if you were hungry? What if you had children you couldn't feed? When we are too self-centered it's easy to feel like we're lacking. When we are at our worst, it's best to find other people to help, because you will often…

Be grateful for everyday, because at any second your life can be ripped away from you, I think the problem with society now is we take advantage of life and we feel life owes us. We didn't ask for it, so why should I care?

Gratitude has become my best medicine for anxiety.

Gratitude has become my best medicine for anxiety. "at the center of your anxiety is your pride", so stop thinking about yourself, and start being thankful for all that you have.

I am grateful for the ability to walk, run, kayak, workout and remain employed. I have MS, BUT MS doesn't have Me!!

Gratitude: The Mega Strategy for Happiness and Wellbeing

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