Gold is a symbol of wealth. It's the real, authentic traditional money. Gold also represents happiness or joy like the golden days.

#FGF, Round 36

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J'ai envie de ... #11

Who wouldn't like to wipe their bottom doors in style- Australian company Toilet Paper Man produced a 3-ply roll paper made from 22-carat                                                                                                                                                                                 More

7 Unbelievably Expensive and Useless Items on Amazon

Gold Luxury is gold toilet paper. Australian company Toilet Paper Man produced a roll paper made from gold flakes through the roll.

Glitter... i don't know what we'd do with this, but I love it! (Maybe we use it for Daddy, Mommy, and the bebes <3)

Ideas For a Cinderella Themed Wedding

Glitter bombs :: Gypsy Sparkle :: Sequins :: Iridescent :: Mermaid Luxe :: Stardust :: See more Sparkling Fashion Photography + Style Inspiration

Wedding Ideas: gold-leaf-paint escort card                              …

gold-leaf-paint - Once Wed

Collect a few leaves from your garden and spray paint them with gold spray paint. Pretty on a table at a party

Gold metallic nails!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Lamborghini Aventador Gold

Diesel Torque versus Petrol Power

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