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54 Absolutely Fabulous Colorful Tattoo Designs

This guy's work is beautiful. | @dgilsontattoo : Breast cancer ribbon -  #tattoo…

love the loose-ness and how it incorporated more than 1 color by having them bleed together. And how it’s not outlined. I don’t necessarily like how stripy it is but I like everything else

i would get this tattoo!  Produced by the high-tech company Genefinity, Gold Sin Jewels are the product of scientific research in nano-tech materials. Available in different patterns, the tattoos last between three and seven days--and because they’re stuck to you, it’s hard to misplace or lose them. Impossible, actually.

have a real gold or platinum tattoo. The tattoos are named as nude jewelry These tattoos are not permanent, they are easily remove able so the design can be changed whenever you want to. Wearing gold has a new meaning now

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ADDTTOO® Temporary Tattoo Gold Silver + Black with Swarovski® Crystals Body Art in Health & Beauty, Tattoos & Body Art, Temporary Tattoos

Questions about Gold Tattoo Ink [Answered]

Gold Tattoo Ink - All Questions Answered

I Still Love You by Melissa Esplin: Designed: Gold and Silver Foil Bee Tattoos

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