The Gold Ryal, also known as the Rose Noble, was an English gold coin first issued in 1464, during the "first reign" of Edward IV (1461-1470). From the 1430s onwards, the price of gold had been rising, with the result that the gold noble, which had been in use since 1344, was worth more on the continent than in England. The nobles were exported en masse to the continent for profit, resulting in a shortage of the coins.

The Gold Ryal (or Rose Noble), english gold coin first issued in during the "first reign" of Edward IV

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Lady Liberty shown as black woman on U.S. coin for first time | Reuters

Lady Liberty shown as black woman on U.S. coin for first time

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415-455. Gold Coin of Gupta King Kumaragupta as an Archer. On the obverse is a horse, created to commemorate the Gupta horse-sacrifice or asvamedha. During this ritual a stallion was released to roam for a year before being sacrificed by the king. King Kumaragupta I is said to have completed this ritual twice in his lifetime.  India.

*INDIA ~ Gold Coin Showing King Kumaragupta as an Archer Period: Gupta period Date: Culture: India Medium: Gold

The first Gold Sovereign was an English hammered coin first struck in 1489, during the reign of King Henry VII of England (1485-1509). Lord Daubeney & Bartholomew Reed, joint masters & workers of the mint by Royal appointment, were given instructions to create a new gold coin at the "standard fineness" - 958 fine,also known as 23 carat; the standard for gold at the time. #Coins #GoldCoins #Pennies #USGoldCoins #TheHappyCoin

Hammered Double Sovereigns and Treble Sovereigns - Unique examples of piedfort (literally “heavy foot”) sovereigns of Henry VII have been found at double and triple thickness, using the same.