When I was in elementary school my friend Sandy Spaeth had a pair just like these!!!  60s Mod Vinyl Embroidered Go Go Boots / 1960s by ModVibeVintage

60s Mod Vinyl Embroidered Go Go Boots / 1960s 1970s Black Patent Vinyl Knee High Boots with Colorful Embroidery Sz 6.5

Mod late to early embroidered black vinyl go go boots. Boots have a patent vinyl upper, colorful embroidery down the middle front,

go go boots from the 60's | GO GO Ladies Retro Boots FOR Women Platform 60s 70s White Black Pink ...

Go Go Ladies Retro Boots For Women Platform 60s 70s White Black Pink-AB12733

Go Go Ladies Retro Boots For Women Platform White Black in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Shoes, Boots

These vinyl go-go boots from 1966 sport a Mondrian-like design.

Mary Quant - Mondrian Boots - the height of fashion! Go Go Boots. I could see these boots paired with a YSL Mondrian dress!

I believe these were the exact ones I had.  I loved them.  Thought I was so cool.  Vintage 1960's mod white leather go-go boots by Vegas Laveau Vintage, They disappeared about 6 months after getting to find out my older brother spray painted them black and was wearing them.

Vintage mod white leather go-go boots Late Early Remember 'Boots were made for Walking'.

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E-Gogo, Gogo boots * Made by ELLIE Shoes

Go Go Boots

Gypsy Treasure Gogo Boots - inch heel Gogo boots with zipper.

Karin: Cooler Rainy-Day Style

Karin: Cooler Rainy-Day Style

Try pairing an army green v-neck pullover with black leggings for a trendy and easy going look. A cool pair of burgundy leather booties is an easy way to upgrade your look.  Shop this look for $207:  http://lookastic.com/women/looks/hat-v-neck-sweater-crossbody-bag-leggings-ankle-boots/3956  — Brown Wool Hat  — Olive V-neck Sweater  — Black Leather Crossbody Bag  — Black Leggings  — Burgundy Leather Ankle Boots

Women's Olive V-neck Sweater, Black Leggings, Burgundy Leather Ankle Boots, Black Leather Crossbody Bag

During the winter months one of my favorite go to outfit is tights with a skirt or dress. I love how effortless it is to create an outfit from a few pieces, yet still being able to look like you spent time getting dressed and looking put together. I typically...

Pattern Tights (Like Love Style)

You need these cute winter outfits in your closet right now! These winter outfit ideas are perfect for the cold weather and super trendy.

Schichten wie ein Fashion-Profi: So gelingt euch der angesagte Lagen-Look 2015!

Aussehen wie ein Fashion-Profi: So könnt ihr den angesagten Lagenlook nachstylen!