Step by step instructions for how to make glue sponges...and save your sanity!  Great post!

How Glue Sponges Saved My Sanity

I like the tips in these 12 Glue Sponges Tutorials where Every Detail is Explained. This will totally work in my classroom next year!

12 Glue Sponges Tutorials - Every Detail Explained

12 Glue Sponges Tutorials - Teach Junkie - Make the perfect set of glue sponges for the classroom

I am here today to spread the gospel of the glue sponge! If you haven’t fallen in love with glue sponges yet, then I’m guessing you haven’t tried them!

How Glue Sponges Saved My Sanity

To make a glue sponge: Put sponge into plastic container and squirt glue to cover sponge well. Put lid on and leave overnight. all glue will be soaked into the sponge. Dab to acquire glue.

Lucky Little Learners: Glue Sponges...they are worth the HYPE!

Glue Sponges...they are worth the HYPE

Missing glue tops, piles of drippy glue on desks, worksheets stuck together…can you relate? I want to share with you about something that I have been using in my classroom that has been a huge lifesaver for me (and my patience)!

KTeacherTiff: How Glue Sponges Saved My Sanity

How Glue Sponges Saved My Sanity: Interesting and novel idea! Check this out if you dislike glue sticks as much as me!

If You're Thinking About Making Glue Sponges...

If you& thinking about making glue sponges and want to know if they& worth it, read on. Ever since school ended last June, .

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard How To Video: GLUE SPONGES! | The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard How To Video: GLUE SPONGES

How to Make a Glue Sponge you need: ◾A shallow, tight sealing container ~ I found ours at the dollar store.  Make sure that it is about the size of your sponge and not too deep. ◾Regular household cleaning sponge ◾Elmer’s glue ~ really any white school glue will work, I just love Elmer’s ◾a few drops of Tea Tree Oil ~ optional, but will help keep bacterial from growing on your sponge.

How to Make a Glue Sponge

How to make a glue sponge ~ no more messy glue bottles. Pour 2 oz in bottom of container, 2 oz on top. Drops of tea tree oil keep it from growing mildew.

THE GLUE SPONGE- This is brilliant. - seriously why didn't I know about this before?!

THE GLUE SPONGE: cut a sponge to fit in a container, pour glue in it, and the kids can press their little cut-up pieces of paper on it like a big glue stick