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10 Cool Sea Creatures You Need to Know About - Knowledge Salad

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beautiful Little Sea Dragon

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The Blue Angel sea slug, eats poisonous Portuguese Man o'war tentacles concentrates the venom for it's own use and becomes more deadly than it's victim.

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Green living: Nudiranchia sea slugs

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Tiny Real-Life 'Dragon' Makes A Stunning Rare Appearance

Meet the blue dragon — probably among the most beautiful animals on the planet. And he's a sea slug, no less.

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The chromodoris willani is a sea slug that, much like that Glaucus Atlanticus we saw a while back, looks like a creature from the world of Pokemon.This sea slug lives in the Western Pacific Ocean, in the areas from Indonesia to the Philippines, and ranges in color. The chromodoris willani shown in this picture is in the middle of the color spectrum: the creatures can range from a dark blue color to a near transparent white.

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. Glaucus Atlanticus The Glaucus Atlanticus or Blue Glaucus is a type of sea slug that has finger like fins that help it move in water. picking it up can result in a very nasty sting. Also known as a sea swallow, blue angel, blue glaucus, blue dragon, blue sea slug and blue ocean slug, the creature is not actually poisonous itself but feeds on such things as the venomous siphonophore, the Portuguese man o' war and stores their poison in its cells in order to use as a defence.

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22 animals that you haven’t heard of before

21 animals that you haven’t heard of before

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Science: Nudibranch

nudibranch (sea slug)

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