These 7 Lazy girl exercises are THE BEST! I've tried a few and I've ALREADY lost weight! This is such an AMAZING post! I'm so glad I found this! Definitely pinning for later!

7 Workouts for When You're Feeling Lazy

Below are 9 amazing and different ab workouts that you can use to target different areas of your core so you can mix and match your workouts and keep them fun and challenging with different levels of intensity. Try one out at the end of your workout today

How to Get the ‘Ab Crack’ Everyone’s Suddenly Obsessed With

How to Get the ‘Ab Crack’ Everyone’s Suddenly Obsessed With

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36 Fat Blasters Program

An hour on the treadmill is nothing compared to a targeted strength workout. 36 fat blasters program is designed to burn unhealthy body fat fast.

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ab workout bike Reverse crunches Russian twist Leg raise Side machine crunch Crunches Heel touch Knees raise 15 reps 3 sets each exercise. ///////////////////Hey guys, you all ask me about how I got my abs? here some of my fav ab workouts th

Lose weight and get skinny fast by using the 7 secrets of skinny girls. Getting in shape is easier than you ever imagined when you use these weight loss secrets!

7 Secrets of Skinny Girls

Losing weight tips that will have you looking hot in no time! Make these 7 easy changes and watch the fat melt off your body. Read the full list of skinny girl secrets in this article!

lazy girl ab workout - christina carlyle

Lazy Girl Ab Workout

Almost everyone really admires men with six-packed abs, but who says that women can’t have a toned and firm one? We can never deny that women also desire to have a sexy-looking abs.

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