That's a big "stick" you've got there. Everything you want to know about GSDs. Health and beauty recommendations. Funny videos and

"Rex" German shepherd puppy via @KaufmannsPuppy

So far, my barking has saved mom and dad from murder by 16 ups drivers, 8 mailmen, 3 girl scouts and 1 sketchy looking plastic bag.and yet they remain ungrateful.

Sweet pretty long haired German shepherd pup More #GermanShepherd

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Oudduitse herder kennel "Van Chika's Erf" - langharige duitse herder en oudduitse herder

White German Shepherd Puppy. Omg I want one more than anything in this worlllldd

5 Dog Breeds For Single Women German Shepherd is a very famous and versatile breed. It has got a good reputation because of its services in police and army. These dogs are one of the best proven guard dogs. This large dog (tall and up to about 90 pounds)