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Gerard Way’s Astrological Profile

My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way. I absolutely adore this man. He is my greatest inspiration.

cause we are all a bunch of animals that never paid attention in school ✧>>>>holy smokes

Gerard Way ~ Truth, Mystery and Myth

Gerard Way - this man is amazingly talented. He has overcome judgment, hatred, and on top of it has inspired a lot of young people. Keep rocking, Gerard, happy birthdaywe love you!

Gerard Way definitely has a Sinter-ish look going on, and of course can do a thousand and one great things with eye makeup

Killjoys make some noise for the hotness that is Gerard Way. Love you forever MCR!

gerards twitter is one of the few things i live for

Gerard Way Twitter Comp

Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance - photographed by Allan Amato

mcrupdates: “New picture of Gerard Way, by Allan Amato. Unofficial edit of this picture in color.