BALL GAMES VS BALL GOWNS GENDER REVEAL PARTY. On one side I had blue receiving blanket and on the other pink, then blue raspberry lemonade, pink lemonade, pics of the dad and mom as babies, blue and pink kisses and bubble gum, blue and pink cupcakes with blue soccer ball and pink dress mints I made on top. Then I had two baby bottles filled with blue and pink "babies" (jelly beans), They each had the same number in them, and the two who guessed the closest number took them home. DON'T MISS…

Gender Reveal Party Ideas for creating your party seem good! The entire party was adorable! On the opposite hand, if your party will include children

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7 Useful Cookout Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Game but instead type: who walked first mommy or daddy? who talked first? who was the last to use diapers? or an embarrassing question like who peed their pants in school?

Gender Reveal Party Games | Through Clouded Glass

Note: Since writing this post we have had a second gender reveal party , and we came up with even more gender reveal party games !

Baby Shower Pin The Sperm On The Egg Game. LOL so inappropriate but funny

Because I have to be a little twisted: Baby Shower "Pin The Sperm On The Egg Game." Or the guests put their "sperm" on the board and mom has to pin the egg. That way only one person has to be blind folded and no one waits for their turn.