Manuel Peralta "this is us". I will love you forever, but I wish you would have understood that before it was too late. All my best to your new future and my new future!

Definitely is. But you're too oblivious to know, to have waited just one more minute. For me to stop lying to myself and you. It's always been you.

OMG. I LOVE this SO much. For my lovely husband! Thank you for your last name and everything listed. I love you past eternity! @Diann Steadman Married

I still want you and everything that comes with being with you. I want you to be my always and forever, Mr.

To my current husband....  I want to always make him happy, be his strength and encouragement.

To My Future Husband on

Because marriage is a choice. And choosing to love him is the only thing that will keep us together!

I cannot promise you an easy life or that I will note disappoint you. I cannot promise that I will be the perfect wife. But I can promise you that I will choose to love you every day.


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The moment I met him, I knew I was looking at my future. Picture Quotes.

The moment I met him, I knew I was looking at my future. later so in Love with my Amazing husband ♡♡

Well I mean he made you and I for each other. I love being your wife. Thanks for yesterday. Xoxox

God Knew My Heart Needed You Engineering Print - Printable Art

Yes I am... all the things that couples deeply in love do.. I'm ready to start with you!

English Love Poems and Quotes for My Girlfriend: Best 40

We're already pretty sure of this. Where would we be if we weren't together?

This man! He loves my flaws He soothes my grumpy days He made a life of pain fade away OH! ya, if he cn get thru ths ol grumpy days well then!

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I pray for you daily That the lord guide you, give you strength, wisdom, perseverance to live your will God. Health abundantly I pray for you

Marry the guy who is your best friend.

Marry the guy who is your best friend. Marry the guy the loves God above anything else. For my beautiful one and only!

✨✨✨✨ #selflove101 #relationshipgoals #gratitude #commitment #raiseyourvibration

✨✨✨✨ #selflove101 #relationshipgoals #gratitude #commitment #raiseyourvibration

I'm Going On An Adventure: True Love Waits.

Dear future husband, I am fairly patient, BUT in certain things I am way too eager for I tend to hate waiting!