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10 Hilarious Yoga Fails

It's true that being a yoga lover is a slippery slope. You think you've merely started a new exercise regime, but then yoga seeps into all parts of life!

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Meditation. Yoga funny Cartoon By Gemma Correll

Like a baby bunny, your thoughts during a group fitness class like SoulCycle, Zumba, or yoga can hop around all over the place. If you could peer inside the

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DownDog Funnies: If you think I'm bitchy now, you should see me when I miss yoga.

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Namast'ay In Bed - Funny Yoga Shirt

Namast'ay in bed shirt - funny yoga shirt

Lol  gangsta rap and yoga

I don't listen to rap or go to the farmers market or do yoga but I totally get the concept of this meme