Jim and Dwight's incessant bickering is what has always made The Office so funny to me.

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Using Morse Code To Talk About Dwight 'Behind His Back' -Jim & Pam from 'The Office'

Oh Office, how I miss thee.

Stanley just doesn't care

favorite opening to The Office. <<< Oh my god, I could not stop laughing!

Observation 1: Cognitive Development. I believe this is the very first prank that Jim did to Dwight. You can clearly see the boyish comedy that Jim values and how he thinks of Dwight as a coworker, not a friend. Regardless, Jim thinks this type of behavior is acceptable. The laughter and applause from his surrounding coworkers give Jim the encouragement to continue these pranks.He continued to receive praise, and did so until his first prank made him rethink his decisions.

Dwight: Where is my desk? Jim: That is weird. Dwight: This is not funny. This is totally unprofessional. Jim: Ok, well, you're the one who lost the desk. (The Office)

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When ur home sick but u make ur friend covering for u , prank ur coworker

You gotta love jim and pam's jokes

My favorite prank from The Office // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - turn someone asian.

I laughed so hard when this happened! I still do!

Funny pictures about Classic Jim & Dwight. Oh, and cool pics about Classic Jim & Dwight. Also, Classic Jim & Dwight.

He’s got parkour figured out… I love The Office

He’s got parkour figured out…

Funny pictures about He's got parkour figured out. Oh, and cool pics about He's got parkour figured out. Also, He's got parkour figured out.

Justice Beaver. I love this episode

Justice Beaver

Justice Beaver, wow I think I would like him better. Justice Beaver, a crime fighting beaver