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Paris is dancing at the "Cheerful" Moulin Rouge, the hotspot that virtually single-handedly created the cancan craze, opening its doors on October Leon Choubrac was one of the pioneers of French poster art.

Parapluie Revel by Cappiello 1922 France - Beautiful Vintage Poster Reproduction. This vertical French advertisement features three people dressed in yellow hiding behind umbrellas on a yellow background. Giclee Advertising Print. Classic Posters

Parapluie Revel poster by Cappiello tree umbrellas - Beautiful Vintage Posters Reproductions. French advertisement features three people dressed in brown hiding behind umbrellas on a yellow background.

A black cat works magic to lure patrons in to “Chat Noir,” the nightclub in this poster by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen (1859 – 1923). Originally a textile designer, Steinlen is best known as an illustrator who created posters of cabarets and music hall performers incorporating his signature cats. The Chat Noir, a lively Montmartre cabaret, published a journal illustrated by Steinlen, who created hundreds of images for French magazines.

Tournée du Chat Noir, c.1896

La tournée du Chat Noir avec Rodolphe Salis, best well know as Tournee du Chat Noir or Chat Noir in shortly saying, is as the iconic poster art advertisement of Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen for a tour of the Le Chat Noir's troup of cabaret entertainment.

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Victorian Woman on Drugs, Part 3: Visual Representations

french- I like this language. Although I barely know any yet, even though I finished my second year.

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“The sun is a thief: she lures the sea and robs it. The moon is a thief: he steals his silvery light from the sun. The sea is a thief: it dissolves the moon.” ― Vladimir Nabokov [La Lune, La Terre & Le Soleil Prints by CAROLINE MCGRATH]

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