French+Garden+Design | The Fantastic Designs of the French Formal Garden

Cut 22 ideas for garden design spring-Buchsbaum - All gardeners know - garden no end.

Beautiful backyard ideas and a garden design with a gorgeous outdoor furniture and decor showing a fusion of classic English and French styles give great inspirations for adding elegance and comfort t

Beautiful Backyard Ideas and Garden Design Blending Classic English and French Styles

boxwoods lining the beds. Would be good idea in front of roses in bed, just like in the picture.

Armillary sphere sundial in a formal French garden. More David Harber armillary spheres

Privacy and a patio. I like the sunken table. In front of the French doors would be good with raised ground level elsewhere for the view

23 Impressive Sunken Design Ideas For Your Garden and Yard

A curved sunken brick patio in a small formal garden creates two distinct rooms (Elizabeth Everdell Garden Design).

formal garden... where is peter rabbit?? this looks just like mcgregors garden lol

15 Water Gardens to Add a Fresher Outdoor Touch

Georgian Classic Garden - traditional - landscape - atlanta - Howard Design Studio- This is gorgeous