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Classroom Listen Up! FREEBIE UPDATED June 2017 I added 2 levels for one & two step directions. One & Two steps (with two levels: one with color specification and one without) and an open-ended scene (make up your

Follow Directions- Read the directions and add the details to the map. Fun activity to get students familiar with how a map works while teaching them how to follow directions! Perfect for the beginning of the 2nd grade school year!

Kindergarten Standard: Terms related to direction and distance, as well as symbols and landmarks, can be used to talk about the relative location of familiar places.

Teach life skills, sequencing, transitional words, following directions, language skills, and listening skills All-in-One with these Life Skills Sequencing Mats!

LIFE SKILLS Sequencing Mats

You know the lingo. 1 step 2 step Multi-step before after all but under neither Last year, I worked on following directions constantly. I would target the above vocabulary and usually students understood what to do after a few sessions. I found that my kiddos would do a great job following directions in my small …

Teaching Following Directions

Sometimes we pretend we are working at a fast-food restaurant (can you say functional skills?) and I have students make me a hamburger using our visualization strategy.

FREE TRICKY Following Directions Quizzes~  A fun way to remind students about the importance of following directions!

Don't do this unless you like humiliating your students! No one likes to be made fun of or tricked. A couple of teachers did this to my mildly autistic child and his whole class--so mean and the kids were so upset!