Year round flower design.  Link has many different garden layouts for different needs.

10 Different and Great Garden project Anyone Can Make 1

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Free Vegetable Garden Plans | have my garden plan all ready to go, now if the weather just ...

Vegetable and Cut Flower Garden Plan

Don't wait till spring for gardening, begin with 6 things in February so that you'll have a good start when the weather gets warm again.

Do 6 of These Things in February To Have a Great Garden in Spring

The Fragrant Garden Plan;    Designed to fit a well drained area for 12 feet wide and 8 feet deep. It's a wondeful collection of the most fragrant perennial flowers that will grow in full sun or part sun. The plant height varies, bu the tallest are 5 feet high. The bloom time is from late spring through summer. Zones 4-9.

The Fragrant Garden Plan: Designed to fit a well drained area 12 ft wide and 8 ft deep. Planned for perennial flowers that will grow in full or partial sun. Plant height varies, but the tallest are 5 ft. Bloom time is late spring through summer.

Fall Cutting Garden; Nothing dresses up a home like fresh flowers, and growing them yourself is an added bonus. This small raised-bed cutting garden, edged with low picket fencing, will provide cut flowers for many weeks and can be tailored to your color preferences.

16 Free Garden Plans and Plant Lists You Can Use At Home

These beautiful flowers can actually help repel insect and soil pests, with an added bonus of creating a colorful focal point to your vegetable garden! Petunias, nasturtiums, chrysanthemums, geraniums, marigolds, and dahlias can all contribute to your vegetable garden health!

Free guide for companion planting of vegetables when gardening at home. Helpful tips for planning a healthy and productive vegetable garden by companion planting vegetables, flowers and herbs.