Oh Australia. Fire tornadoes, really? You crazy. More

A fire whirl, known to some as the fire tornado. One of the most terrifying sights.Fire tornadoes occur when heat, ash and fire get swept up in a spinning mass of air.Fire forms a tornado-like vortex of flames.

Fire Tornado

A “firenado” tears through a field in Chillicothe, Missouri on 3 May. Part fire, part tornado, this blazing twister was spotted by Missouri native Janae Copelin while she was out driving.

Also known as fire whirls, fire devils, or even firenados, fire tornadoes form when high heat and turbulent winds together spur whirling eddies of air.

A fire tornado whirled above a burning plastic-processing plant during a huge conflagration outside Budapest, Hungary. Also known as Firenado

Fire to burn off the dross. Smoke to blur our vision so we can be ready for a new perspective once it clears.

Fire tornado saw an old building in Buffalo burn so hot it created a fire spout.

fire tornadoes - absolutely terrifyingly beautiful

Rare shot of a fire whirl by Photojournalist Edio Junior/Brazil. They are induced by fire and are composed of flame, gases, and combustible materials, initially sucked into eddies of air. Rarely, they can reach a cloud and become an actual tornado.

Most of us imagine fire tornadoes as roaring around an axis that's perpendicular to the ground, but that may not always be the case.

How Fire Tornadoes Work

Vertical Vortex: Fire Tornadoes and Updrafts - Fire tornadoes occur when heat, ash and fire get swept up in a spinning mass of air. Learn about the phenomenon of fire tornadoes.

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This is the reflection of a river running through a mine, rotated to resemble a tornado, along the Rio Tinto in Huelva, Spain. (Copyright Tomas Bogonez/Solent News & Photo Agency) Must-see March 2013 on MSN Photos

Fire Tornado, California. I've seen this happen in Colorado. I was many miles…

Fire Tornado --- California Wildfires 2003 = Many firefighters were killed when the fire suddenly changed direction trapping them with no way out.

Fire tornado. They occur when a column of warm, rising air contacts with - or creates - fire on the ground.

Fire tornadoes sound like a horrible way to die. But also kind of awesome. "How did he die ?

Outback Australia fire tornado  Only In Australia

near Mount Conner in Northern Territory, Australia. by Film maker Chris Tangey

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