What a beautiful American soldier

What a beautiful soldier! “Seeing how women are treated [in Afghanistan] was sad. In the villages, I’d take my helmet off to show I’m a woman and I’m respected, and that women do have worth.

What life is like for a woman in the Army and how you should prepare for it.

What Women Should Know Before Joining the Army

Arabella Alise Ames fixes airplanes, but is afraid of heights. No, the irony is not lost on her. She's more than meets the eye, because she's determined, snarky, and strong. This also means she's bull headed, a little rude, and has tunnel vision sometimes. She comes from a huge family, where she constantly had to fight to be an individual. She works in a male dominated field, and fights every day to be seen as equal.

Air Force - Women in uniform. Anything a man can do, a woman can do better ;

These Israel soldier babes could kill you at first sight

Israeli Female Soldiers Are A Supermodel Army

Israeli Female Soldiers Are A Supermodel Army . Browse new photos about Israeli Female Soldiers Are A Supermodel Army .

Director for AI chose a girl to take place as the soldier in one of the songs. Girl power!

"This is a shout out to our brothers known as sisters by so many other pages. Military Minds Inc supports our females who serve our nations with honour and Combat Action Female Veterans.

Female soldiers

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"PRIVATE Michelle Norris became the first female soldier to receive the Military Cross in March 2007. A medical orderly in Iraq she saved the life of her wounded commander while under enemy fire...The teenager, who had dreamed of joining the Army after watching old war movies with her father as a child, spoke of her pride at receiving the coveted medal, and said she hoped the award would help convince doubters that women can cope well with the dangers of frontline combat."

Michelle MC, bravest girl in the Army

DAILY FAIL REPORT (It's Woman not "girl" .A teenage army medic has become the first 'woman' to be awarded the Military Cross, one of the highest honours for gallantry in combat.