DIY maternity clothes. Big problem (easy fix if you know what youre doing) though: maternity clothes look bad and homemade if the front and back hemlines are not the same length, especially skirts. If tops are longer in the front than back, people just assume theres room for you to get bigger, but when theyre short in front, its obvious that youre trying to wear a non-maternity shirt.

hey, i have all these clothes and Ugg brown boots, why dont i ever wear that? denim shirt with black leggings and brown boots

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With my fall prego belly, I want to have this exact comfy outfit. Blanket cardigan, fitted maternity tshirt and black maternity leggings!

Maternity outfit ideas for fall and winter. This red shirt dress is smart and stylish.

10 Tips For Winter Maternity Style Success

It's amazing being pregnant at any time of the year, but winter brings on a few special challenges. How should you stay comfy when winter comes and how can you glam up for those special occasions? Read on to get 10 tips for your winter maternity style.