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vintage fairy tale illustrations , Vintage 1930 Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale Story Illustration,by Margaret Evans Price.

Old Fairy Tale Illustrations | ... : Once Upon a Time Classic Fairy Tale Illustrations -Kay Nelson 1913

“‘Don’t drink!’ cried out the little Princess, springing to her feet.” from the Twelve Dancing Princesses Kay Nielsen, 1913 Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur. In Powder and Crinoline: Old Fairy Tales.

taryndraws:    I was so inspired by the Russian fairy tale illustrations of Ivan Bilibin! <3

I was so inspired by the Russian fairy tale illustrations of Ivan Bilibin! (Yes it's Vasilisa!) by taryndraws

Exquisite Bohemian Fairy Tale Illustrations by Artuš Scheiner

Exquisite Bohemian Fairy Tale Illustrations by Artuš Scheiner

by Artuš Scheiner for Under Command Of Magic by J. Kubín Artuš Scheiner via 50 Watts

I may already have this one - but so precious - worth re-pinning!!! ~ ~ ~John Bauer - Bella (1)

Anjas’ Theme Of The Week: Swedish week Beautiful illustrations by John Bauer > 'Bella's Glorious Adventure'

The Russian story book : containing tales from the song-cycles of Kiev and…

The Russian story book : containing tales from the song-cycles of Kiev and Novgorod and other early sources : Wilson, Richard, fl. 1914-1916 : Free Download & Streaming

1916 Frank Cheyne Papé, From “The Russian Story Book”, Marina Lay Upon a Couch and Fondled a Fiery Dragon With Her Right Hand

Russian fairy tale art. Illustration by Erin Kelso  (hello gryphon. you are half-bird. and so big.)

Amazing Fairy Tale Art from a Biology PhD

Harpy Illustrations by Florida-based artist Erin Kelso, aka Bluefooted. Inspired by mythology and literature, Erin created characters from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Alice and the gryphon color Wild thing The wolfman Papagena … Continue Reading →

Fairy tale column with real life implications : The Finding Felicity Project  'The Six Swans' (1997) by illustrator P.J. Lynch. Watercolor on paper. This image appeared in a book illustrated by Lynch, 'The Candlewick Book of Fairy Tales,' with tales retold by Sarah Hayes (Candlewick Press, 1997). //  Fairy tale reference is The Six Swans, a fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm. Folk and fairy tale collector Andrew Lang (1844-1912) included a version of this tale in 'The Yellow Fairy…

*The Poison Pie Column*

PJ Lynch Gallery: The Candlewick Book of Fairytales, The six swans, Irish illustrator

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John Bauer, renowned Swedish (fairytale) illustrator (deceased together with his wife when the steamboat at Lake Vättern sank in a storm)

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Some of the Most Stunning Fairy Tale Art You'll Ever See

"Blondine, Bonne-Biche, and Beau-Minon" Old French Fairy Tales, 1920 by Virginia Frances Sterrett From: By a Woman's Hand: Illustrators of the Golden Age by Dover Publications

Beauty and the Beast by Anne Anderson via lifetakeslemons

The Gorgeous Fairy Tale Illustrations of Anne Anderson