A Fairy Godmother's wing detail- this is a stunning variation.

A Fairy Godmother's wing detail- this is a lovely variation. Looks maybe like lovely white lace layered with some sort of sheer iridescent material or cellophane.

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Ice Crystal Branches Wings These wings are one of a kind and gorgeous! 3 different kinds of fake branches covered in ice crystals with white flower accents and glittered leaves.

I have made a matching pair of upper arm cuff and lower slave bracelet arm cuff in a flower and vine whimsical woodland style. This order is for

Matching arm cuffs upper and lower order any colour flower and vine flower fairy slave bracelet arm cuff and matching upper arm cuff


the-telesterion: "Persephone" by Lyrota (Costumes and Costuming)

the-telesterion: Persephone by Lyrota - Costumes and Costuming Remove the excess flowers from the shoulder and I see a wedding gown


This is for a fairy, but it might be a good idea for our Arbor Day guy Spring Sale - Adult Fairy Costume - The GROTTO FAERIE - earth goddess - bust size 40 plus

RESERVED for Chelsea Leafy Nuno Felt Faerie Floaty par folkowl

Inspiració: Love the leaf detail on this Leafy Nuno Felt Faerie Floaty Halter Top l by folkowl


Nastya Baginskaya, young Ukrainian singer, in a traditional Ukrainian outfit.

Mermaid colored Faerie costume!

Mermaid colored Faerie costume!