A white-painted brick exterior topped with an asphalt roof features two gables and three dormers centered above the front entry. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Old World style home with arched Porte-Cochere.like overall feel, gables, dormer treatment, flared rooflines, copper treatment over window. DREAM HOME LOVE IT !

Those windows & black (scheduled via http://www.tailwindapp.com?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=twpin&utm_content=post23130414&utm_campaign=scheduler_attribution)


A solarium-style window fills the kitchen with natural light in Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus’s Greenwich Village, New York, home.

cool awesome Traditional Home with Transitional Interiors... by www.danazhome-dec...... by http://www.danaz-home-decor.xyz/european-home-decor/awesome-traditional-home-with-transitional-interiors-by-www-danazhome-dec/

awesome Traditional Home with Transitional Interiors... by www.danazhome-dec

This wild living room has a great woodland feeling with the line of skylights angled down into the living room. The soft yellow of the arm chairs contrasts the contemporary colors of the rest of the space.

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Garden sayings: Don't stop beleafing Aloe: is it me your looking for? Sweet chive of mine Die chard die charder Sage against the machine Succitumi baby Sorry for being a prick Looking sharp I will survive Kale Caesar Elvis parsley B

Murillo Rustic European Home - Plan #101S-0007 | houseplansandmore.com

one of my many dream house ideas this is beautiful----love the colors and design and look of the outside, but not too ecstatic about the floor plan!

nice nice Home Decor Inspiration :: Elements of a New England Home...... by http://www.danazhome-decorations.xyz/european-home-decor/nice-home-decor-inspiration-elements-of-a-new-england-home/

nice Home Decor Inspiration :: Elements of a New England Home

Beautiful wood paneling and floors to contrast with the white cabinets and countertops in the kitchen along with matching floating/open shelving

Latest Interior Design Ideas. Best European style homes revealed.

OverNight pendant light - electroplated stained glass Odd Matter consists of Dutch native Els Woldhek and Bulgarian Georgi Manassiev.

Been to this one!! Hammond castle in Massachusetts. It's walls were taken from old European house fronts it's so cool! -G

12 reasons you need a conservatory

Interior courtyard / castle / pool / pond / inside plants -- wow I'm in love.

nice awesome cool awesome cool Love this kitchen. White cabinets with wood counter to... by http://www.dana-home-decor-ideas.xyz/european-home-decor/awesome-cool-awesome-cool-love-this-kitchen-white-cabinets-with-wood-counter-to/

awesome cool awesome cool Love this kitchen. White cabinets with wood counter to

We love this kitchen with rustic beams! White cabinets and wood counter tops, farmhouse sink, generous window… Swoon.

European home in Lahontan, California

European home in Lahontan, California

Farmhouse front porch with gray doors and wooden beams

See how Allard Ward Architects use charming dormers and espaliered pear trees climbing an attached garden wall to bring the look of an European countryside manor to a Nashville, Tennessee, home.