Errol Flynn, bringing color to an increasingly pallid world in 1938's technicolor masterpiece, "The Adventures of Robin Hood"  My husband's favorite actor  June 20th is his birthday

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Errol Flynn - a handsome Aussie

Mustache-A-Day: Errol Flynn -

"Erroll Flynn puts on his most innocent face whilst wearing a stylish cravat. Needless to say the charges were dropped (whatever they were).

Errol Flynn (1909-1959) Tasmanian-American actor. He was known for his romantic swashbuckler roles in Hollywood films.


More often than not, George Hurrell was the one behind the camera for the black and white glamour photos of classic Hollywood film stars.

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Errol Flynn, born today, June 20th, 1909!  Although Errol Flynn is often remembered most as the nefarious, swashbuckling hero of a bygone era, his abilities as an actor can often be overlooked. So today, the day of this glorious classic star’s birth, I would like to remember him not only as a brazen hero of fantastical proportions, but also as an actor who demonstrated a passion for his craft.

Captain Blood - Errol Flynn (my father was an extra on this movie, until they asked him to climb the rigging. He said no, and that was the last of his Hollywood career)

Captain Blood, Errol Flynn, 1935

Captain Blood, Errol Flynn, 1935

Captain Blood Errol Flynn 1935 Photo Print x

erol flynn's son, sean, whose remains in Vietnam were only found last year

Sean Flynn - son of Errol Flynn and first wife Lili Damita, he later worked as a journalist in Vietnam and went missing while in that war