9 Lovely Ways to Make a Cottage-Style Garden

The secret to a cottage-style garden is to create an informal yet inviting landscape through overflowing flowerbeds of varying colors and textures. By replacing a manicured lawn with mixed flowers, you create a decidedly casual atmosphere that celebrates

How to grow an English country garden

Foxgloves, in my view, are the quintessential English cottage garden flower. (The Old Rectory, Haselbech, Northamptonshire) - My Cottage Garden

This Cotswolds garden is a topiary dream world

Tall hedge with Gothic window in a Cotswold garden in the UK. Architect Robert Hardwick designed the house that goes with this garden so he may have also designed this vignette. Photo by Simon Brown. (from House & Garden)

500 Lovely Flowers, Stunning Nature Art

Beautiful garden resting place, stone wall and walkway with an arched rose ceiling opening into a solitary bench.