What happens when karma turns around and bites you? And everything turns on you to spite you. -Eminem

Daddy look what I made, dads gotta go catch a plane. I don't know Go play hailey baby your daddy's busy dads gotta song to write and it's not gonna write itself . -Eminem "When I'm gone"

Eminem, his lyrics can give me strength when nothing else can. If I can stay strong, stay motivated, then there's nothing I cannot accomplish. I will make sure that everyone who doubted me is ashamed of their doubt.

Eminem quote from "Till I Collapse". When you feel like you can't take it anymore and are losing hope - this song's powerful lyrics will give you strength - especially since they are truths from Marshall's life experiences.

Rap God lyrics What put him into the Guinness Book of World Records

Rap God lyrics What put him into the Guinness Book of World Records Mais

WORDS TO LIVE BY ♥                                                       …

And right now there's a steel knife in my wind pipe I can't breath but I still fight while I can fight as long as the wrong feels right it's like I'm in a flight - Eminem feat. Rhianna love the way you lie

FAVORITE MOVIEEE   Only my true friends would know what I've been through and they know that it's hell New Hip Hop Beats Uploaded EVERY SINGLE DAY http://www.kidDyno.com

Out of every rapper/singer/artist what you may have, Eminem is the only one that I can relate to.

Eminem - The Monster. See the full lyrics and video at MusicBlvd.com. #eminem #lyrics

Listen to eminem happy? Listen to eminem depressed? Listen to eminem bored? Listen to eminem. Scremin shady till I die!

You can never say you're a fan of Eminem when you don't even know what he's been through.  Listen to his songs!  GO NOW!

IG: Feelings, quotes, life stuff and the things you think but never say.

Feminist women love eminem, chicka chicka slim shady, I'm sick of him, look at him walkin around grabbin his you know what lippin to you know who. Yea but he's so cute though. -m&m

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