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Dwarf Hotot rabbits are one of the less common breeds. The Dwarf Hotot's original home is Germany. It was developed independently in both East and West Germany in the late seventies and later crossed.

Baby Netherland Dwarf Bunnie...

Baby Netherland Dwarf Bunnie, I. Need this precious baby in my life right now.

Do's and Don'ts of Dwarf Rabbit Care. Get some really good pointers on how to take care of these fluffy miniature bunnies.

The Ultimate Guide to Dwarf Rabbit Care

Rabbit toys, Rabbit diseases, Dwarf Rabbits as pets, sudden wetness of fur in Rabbits and Dwarf Rabbit diet these and more are topics I will cover.

Light Brown Dwarf rabbit

Facts About Dwarf Rabbits That Will Kill You With Cuteness

Dwarf rabbits are little animals which even after turning adult, resemble babies. Belonging to the category of smallest domestic rabbits, dwarf rabbits are easy to domesticate though a little care on their diet and exercise is important.