Truest sentiment of training a horse: If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong.

Dressage - Great photo showing the strength and beauty of the horse and the elegance of dressage!

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Charlotte Dujardin, Shortlist for the Sky Sports and Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year award 2013

Dressage horses also ride in curbs

how do you know if a horse prefers a curb to a snaffle:) I wish we could ask them.

Great illustration, sometimes pictures speak louder than words...for when my friends give me the "huh" expression

Explains the difference between piaffe, passage, collected trot, medium trot, and extended trot.

"WOW!" - Die Reaktion des Pferdes, als die Abdeckplanen angehoben werden, ist unfassbar! -

"WOW!" - Die Reaktion des Pferdes, als die Abdeckplanen angehoben werden, ist unfassbar!

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Hi I am Martha and I have two horses. This is corky a 5 year old jumper and I have an sitter bark horse named Dallas she is 7 years old so I hope to see y'all around

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro....I think it is absolutely amazing how a horse when doing a half pass  all of its legs are on a different track as apposed to say a shoulder in where their legs are on three different tracks or a walk where all of their legs are on one track

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro - Charlotte only began doing Grand Prix dressage in 2011 but by the 2012 Olympics she won not only the first individual Dressage Gold medal winner for BG, but GB's Team won Gold as well for Queen and country!

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