Once upon a... challenge ✨ - I've teamed up with the amazing Clarissa from @my_journaling_corner - and together we've made a challenge for all of us who cannot choose. You can draw, doodle, quote og make a six word story - whatever the word of the day inspires you to. I hope you want to join us! Use the hashtag #bujothemechallenge so we can inspire each other •••

Me and the sweetest Trine from have made a Challenge which combine all the challenges in one. You can doodle, draw, make a quote…

#YearOfDrawing by JessiArts

I decided I wanted to create my own drawing challenge, and I invite you all to do it with me. I present to you the ‪ Challenge. Yep, starting on Ja.

Inktober 2017 // drawing challenge // art challenge

Some of the Best Illustrations From the Art Challenge Inktober 2017

Inktober 2017 // drawing challenge // art challenge

((I'll try this with Jean, but IDK if I have enough experience with drawing men.))

Comment a number and the name of one of my OCs and I'll draw them! (My OCs are in my board called AU) :P