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Sock Bun Hacks, Tips, Tricks; How to Wear Hair Up in Donut

A much easier sock bun for people with layered hair. hairstyle, hair, hair tutorial, hair how to, hair do -----life saver for layered hair!

Oh how I love this! It makes my Ballet bun about a million times better!

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Make your daughter a Sock Bun! easy and you can either use a color sock to match her hair color . Have fun with cute hair desins.cute wedding or flower girl look. It looks so cute and you only need a few things .

Hair Tutorial: donutknot met een vlecht. Super voor naar het werk of een feestje!

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Big Braided Bun Hairstyle is one of the common hairstyle which is used in parties and formal evening event. So let’s get started with making Big Braided Bun

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Wrap a head scarf around a bun. I'd do a "sock" bun. Then just wrap the headscarf around the bun and tie it into a large side knot, which will make the look more finished and polished.

How many ways can you style a donut bun?

How many ways can you style a donut bun

Long Hair, Complex Do. Hairs styling I think is a creative way to show off your talent with anything hair and is quick way to style anyone's hair. I myself do not know how to even braid hair so this is something I think I can benefit from, and teach to others.

Lulus How-To: Braid into Bun Tutorial

Why decide between a braid and a bun when you can have both? We turned to our hair guru’s in the studio and they came up with the perfect braid into bun look! Master the sock bun and create chic and easy braid in just a few easy steps.

Idée coiffure facile, rapide et très élégante /// aufeminin.ca

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For the perfect ballerina bun, try a hair donut. | 25 Tips And Tricks To Get The Perfect Bun

For the perfect ballerina bun, try a hair donut.

the best tutorial on the donut bun! My KoutureKiss Tutorial on: The Donut Bun

after 60 years plus I still can't get all my hair into the "rat" well.....

1940s Pageboy Hairstyle

upside down french braid and donut bun

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For the girls @ the wedding - French braid bun. My daughter taught me the best way to do this is to lay on your stomach on a bed and hang over the edge. Tip: braid past the French braid and be sure to rubber band the end before putting in the messy bun!

BEST EVER trick to Donut Bun long hair. (No leftover hair!) - YouTube

Sometimes your hair won't roll into the bun but you still don't want all those left over bits! This is the ultimate way to successfully get your hair easily .