Kiss Away Cancer - Fun activity at any fundraising event. Tip: place a donation jar or box near Kiss mural so that people can also contribute financially.

Kappa Tau Chapter (Florida Gulf Coast University) held a "Kiss Away Cancer" event to raise money and spread awareness on campus. // Relay for life stand

Using #Donation Boxes in the right locations will provide a fantastic #fundraising method for your #RelayForLife Fundraising! Click the photo to learn how to make it really successful. (Photo by Stuart Caie /

I have recently visited many museums and I’ve seen many of them have donation boxes. While most of them were plain and bland, a few of them were more interesting and caught my attention, maki…

Christmas Santa donation cardboard box

Christmas Santa donation cardboard box

food donation boxes - Google Search More

food drive box decorations - large baskets with picnic napkins to give a picnic feel.

Save the fish with coins. An advert entered for the Chipshop Awards 2013.    A clear metaphor demonstrating how donations can help.    #fish #nonprofit #coins #donation #fundraising #giving

Creativity International Best in Show winner - student. The water level rises as coins are dropped in which in turn, saves the fish.

Christmas juice boxes. Scrapbook paper, tape, glue, wiggley eyes, poms, pipe cleaners and juice boxes.

I don’t know about you but I always volunteer to help out with the parties at my son’s school. Christmas is my favorite of course! This year rolled around and we actually had so many pe…

Bling your cookie booth

cookie booth donation idea - just list whatever group(s) the troop has chosen to donate cookies to

TweetEmail TweetEmail Share the post "How to Make Blessing Bags" FacebookPinterestTwitterEmail   How to Make Blessing Bags Now that the kids are back in school, many of us take up couponing in earnest again.  That means you may soon find yourself with a nice stockpile of extras! While we’ve shared this idea before, I wantedcontinue reading...

How to Make Blessing Bags

How to Make Blessing Bags - a great way to use those samples and trial size toiletries! Keep them in the glove box for when an opportunity arises. Would be awesome to do for a food shelf.