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Someone who was reading “The Innovator’s Mindset”, approached me and talked about the impact it had on their teaching and learning. I was honoured by their kind words, but this s…

The Squeaky Wheelchair: Disability Pride And Why We Need It More Than Ever

Before u can really love others, u have to love yourself. So how u see yourself does matter! Love yourself for ALL of who u really r--good and bad. NO ONE IS PERFECT!

Autism, Aspergers Quote by Dr. Temple Grandin

Autism, Aspergers Quote by Dr. Temple Grandin MoreTap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

Everything you love is here

Everything you love is here (LoveQuotesRus)

Just because I see things differently that you do doesn't mean I'm wrong, but it may mean you treat people like shit.

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Thank you, Hunter Blake Parrish.for allowing me 2 see the world so differently. You have so made me the woman/Mother I am

Attitude Quote; "The only disability in life is a bad attitude." ― Scott Hamilton #quotes

Attitude Quotes and Sayings with Attitude Quotes Images, Pictures

Attitude Quotes: A collection of inspirational quotes and sayings on attitude. Quotes to motivate you to shift your attitude in favour of your success

| #history | via @learninghistory

| #history | via @learninghistory