different angles...decide what they are- write in note book and report back to chief for next clue

detective badge - "A good secret agent can look at things from many angles to figure them out. Look at the photos included in the folder (really grainy close up shots of a camera, binoculars, a watch, a cell phone) to figure out what is pictured.

Pretend to be detective by reading tiny writing using magnifying glasses! EYFS

We have tried this in my setting, everyone became phonics detectives! It was amazing and the kiddies loved it!

Wrap numicon in foil. Chn write down guess, unwrap foil and write down actual number

At NL we hid the foil wrapped numicon in the sand pit. Children used metal detectors to 'treasure hunt' for the numicon. Also foil wrapped matching numeral cards.

Use these free secret spy printables and spy school kids activities to create fun missions for your little spies in training!

Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers- pine cones and elastic bands

Spy School Activities for Kids! Everything you need to host a spy themed summer camp at home! Could be easily modified for Day Camp or Resident Camp, too.

Graphite Finger Prints use http://www.senseme.com/scripts/biometrics/fingerprints.htm to identify different types of finger prints

Detective Science: Fingerprinting

Are you planning a Mystery Detective themed classroom or thematic unit? This blog post provides great decoration tips and ideas for the best Mystery Detective theme yet! It has photos, ideas, supplies

Mystery Detective Themed Classroom - Ideas & Printable Classroom Decorations (Clutter-Free Classroom)

Photos, ideas & printable classroom decorations to help teachers plan & create an inviting Mystery Detective themed classroom on a budget. Lots of free decor tips & pictures.

Be a staff detective: activities for 4th graders

Be a staff detective: activities for 4th graders